The Problematic Search for Women’s Blue Nike Shoes

Competing keywords — are they bad?

When you bid on a keyword, AdWords gives you tools to check to see if it is a duplicate to your other keywords. In analyzing our clients’ search term report data, however, we found a very different situation where keywords are definitely competing against one another and the result is often not very good.

What I am talking about here is distinct—not duplicate—keywords in your campaigns that are competing to be AdWords’ choice for the competitive auction. Fortunately, discovering the long-tail keywords that better match your shopper queries solves this problem.

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4 Key Updates to Your SEM Campaigns You Need to Do Now

Your SEM campaigns are not up-to-date.

Every week, your e-commerce store has hundreds of new products, as well as changes the website including new and deleted categories, styles, filters and facets.

Are you keeping up with those changes for your SEM search marketing campaigns? When a shopper clicks on your search ad, is the destination landing page on your site up to date? Would you know if it were not? Are the catalog changes enough to really matter?

Here are 4 key updates you need to do regularly.

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Industry News

  • New integration with SEM platforms delivers additional improvements in shopper experience Boston, MA 09/12/2017 Vioby, developer of the first marketing automation product that determines the most relevant landing page for every keyword, today announced an advanced version of its LinkDirector products. Newly added integration with search engine marketing (SEM) platforms adds a faster user experience […]

  • The boldest forecast we have seen so far. According to RBC, Alexa and Echo will generate $10B of revenues by 2020.

  • According to @AccuraCast the results measuring the impact of expanded text ads on CTR were mixed – having gone up for some and slightly down for others. The new format has led to a drop in average cost per click (CPC), a lowering of the average cost per acquisition (CPA), and an increase in total number of clicks.

  • Good sponsored article in MarketingLand by Microsoft Bing. Two key points:
    1. Voice search is here now. Through intelligent assistants and directly through search engines.
    2. Spoken queries are different than typed search queries — longer and richer with more details of the user’s intent.

    Whereas a typed search might be “teal dress”, the voice search could expand to “where can I find a teal jersey knit cotton dress” — a much better description of the user intent and also allows a better understanding of where the user is on the customer journey.

  • Jacob Baadsgaard, CEO of Disruptive Advertising wrote this article in Entrepreneur using data from auditing over 2000 Google AdWord accounts.

    We all know that getting great performance from SEM search ad campaigns take work. The details are very important and knowing which details to focus on is key.

    And it takes real data. Baadsgaard has real data.

    I want to emphasize one of his 4 key findings — over half of the ads send traffic to their homepage. Clearly not being responsive to the user’s actual search query and, by adding several clicks to the user’s journey on your site, it does not provide a good user experience.

  • When Google changed its SERP display last month to eliminate ads in the right rail, many search marketers panicked. Now that the change has been live for a while, Larry Kim looks at the data. Very little has changed. The sky hasn’t fallen.

  • Bing Ads testing Social Extensions: Link search ads to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. The new ad extension is in beta in the US.