The Goals

  • Drive higher conversion rate on keyword text search ads
  • Improve shopper experience starting at search ad touch point
  • Increase campaign management efficiency through advanced automation technology

The Approach

  • Deploy automated destination landing page determination with DoubleClick Search + Vioby’s integrated product

The Results

  • Drove 27% higher conversion rate
  • Increased revenue by 37%
  • Achieved 27% ROI improvement


In December 2017, DoubleClick Search and Vioby deployed a newly integrated automated system for determining the most relevant destination landing page for each keyword in search ad campaigns. The client, a multi-billion dollar retailer of women’s apparel with extensive e-commerce and retail stores, and their global marketing and technology advertising agency are long-time users of the DoubleClick Search platform, with search advertising a major and successful marketing channel. They upgraded with the integrated DoubleClick Search platform with Vioby LinkDirector™ automation to improve their search ad campaign performance, as well as provide an enhanced user experience for their shoppers.


AI automates determination of the most relevant destination landing page for each shopper click

By understanding shopper intent, AI algorithms improve the relevancy of keyword landing pages and drive higher conversion, while reducing campaign management effort.

Machine learning algorithms continually analyze the website for changes to ensure knowledge of the website stays up-to-date with clients’ specials, sales, seasonal, inventory and other website changes. Semantic understanding models capture shopper intent from each keyword. Pattern recognition technology then evaluates destinations for the most relevant webpage and a deep-link to that webpage is set as the destination landing page.


Integration of DoubleClick Search platform with Vioby algorithms simplifies operation for clients

Integration leverages DoubleClick Search platform features for seamless system operation. Daily keyword performance reports are automatically downloaded using the DoubleClick Search API. In combination with the continual scraping and analysis of the e‑commerce website by automated bots, the optimal destination landing page for each keyword is then computed. For those keywords for which the optimal destination has changed, an upload file containing the new destinations is generated and automatically uploaded using the DS secure FTP bulksheet upload capability.

“By integrating with the DoubleClick Search platform, we have further simplified our solution while increasing the benefit to our clients. Managing the Destination URLs of up to several million keywords is a task well suited for automation – and this integration helps our clients deliver an improved experience to their shoppers and drive revenues, all while reducing their own campaign management effort.”

Alec Belfer, CEO, Vioby.


Improved shopper experience

Marketers know that understanding the shopper, delivering relevant content, and landing the shopper as few clicks as possible from “Add to Shopping Bag” is key to engaging online shoppers and increasing conversion. Capturing the information in a shopper’s search, however, requires up to millions of keywords and, for each, the right landing page. And changes to the website, new products, sales and specials all require updating those landing pages—a large, expensive paid-search campaign management task.

Automating this process ensures that shoppers immediately see what they were searching for, directly improving the shopper experience, reducing bounce rates, and driving sales.


Delivering 27% higher conversion rate

For our client, the DoubleClick Search + Vioby system resulted in increasing the conversion rate by 27%, as well as driving 37% more revenue and a 27% higher ROI. Plans are now underway to deploy the system on more of the client’s search campaigns.


About DoubleClick Search

DoubleClick Search gives advertisers the workflow tools, robust reporting and bid optimization they need to get more value from their search campaigns. Built on Google infrastructure and natively integrated with the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform, DoubleClick Search makes it faster and easier to respond to an ever-changing market in real time and at scale. 

About Vioby

Vioby develops solutions for retailers and brands that extend the personalized shopper experience to the SEM touchpoint – improving engagement, conversion and user satisfaction. The Vioby LinkDirector™ marketing technology automates and personalizes each paid-search shopper’s journey to the most appropriate, relevant content on the e-commerce website, using AI algorithms with semantic understanding and machine learning. For more information visit Follow us on Twitter: @ViobyMarketing.