Jacob Baadsgaard, CEO of Disruptive Advertising wrote this article in Entrepreneur using data from auditing over 2000 Google AdWord accounts.

We all know that getting great performance from SEM search ad campaigns take work. The details are very important and knowing which details to focus on is key.

And it takes real data. Baadsgaard has real data.

I want to emphasize one of his 4 key findings — over half of the ads send traffic to their homepage. Clearly not being responsive to the user’s actual search query and, by adding several clicks to the user’s journey on your site, it does not provide a good user experience.

An excerpt is below with a link to the entire article at the end.



4 Key Findings from AdWords

JACOB BAADSGAARD, Contributor, CEO of Disruptive Advertising
March 29, 2016


In the last two years, we audited over 2,000 AdWords accounts at Disruptive Advertising.


After looking through that many accounts, we made a few important discoveries about why so many companies struggle to make money on AdWords.On the surface, AdWords seems like a great marketing opportunity. Your ads show up exactly when and where you want them to, so you can get your website in front of your ideal audience—and only your ideal audience. That’s the idea, anyway. Unfortunately, AdWords management isn’t quite that simple. Yes, I’ve used AdWords to grow a client from 25 employees to 250 employees, but I’ve also seen companies waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on AdWords campaigns without a single sale to show for it.


So, why is it so hard for companies to capitalize on the potential of AdWords? Here are some statistics that might surprise you.



2. Half of ads send traffic to their homepage.

Nearly 90 percent of the AdWords accounts we’ve audited had a terrible landing page strategy. More than half, 52 percent, were sending AdWords traffic to their homepage and — of the half that were using landing pages — less than 15 percent were testing their landing pages.


Clicks alone aren’t enough to make your AdWords campaigns profitable. Once your traffic is on your site, you need to convince them to actually convert. No matter how effective your AdWords campaigns are, if you aren’t optimizing your landing page experience, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Source: 4 Key Findings from AdWords Audits