Landing Page Insights

Daily alerts and weekly insight reports on your paid-search campaigns.

Quickly Discover Problems with Your Paid-Search Landing Pages

Improve your campaign performance by eliminating bad destinations.

Improved campaign performance means increased conversion and higher return on your Search Marketing spend

What is a “bad destination”?

Site-Search Pages that Have No Item Matches

A changing inventory can result in no products on your destinations that contain a search.

Category Pages Containing No Products

Categories pages, particularly those with filters, can often result in showing a page with no products for the selected category.

“404 Not Found” and Other Error Pages

Your website is constantly changing, ranging from seasonal updates to major revisions. The result can be that pages set as Final URLs no longer exist on the website and your shopper sees an error or similar page.

Landing Pages that Are Redirected

Often when a page is removed from the website, the web is redirected to another location on the site.  Better than an error message, but not the user experience you intended.

One Simple Report Shows All the Actionable Data! 

Changes to Your Website Can Result in Reduced Campaign Performance

  • Change of website categories and filters

  • Products no longer available

  • Sales and promotions that expired

  • Brands no longer offered

  • Website structure changes

We Constantly Monitor Your Campaign Landing Pages So You Can Improve Performance

  • Daily alerts about “bad destinations”
  • Weekly landing page insights report
  • Instantly know all the keywords and ads that are using each Final URL destination
  • See insight performance data for each destination
  • Optional automated pausing of keywords and ads with bad destinations

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.”

– W. Edwards Deming

We analyze your data and deliver the insight you need to efficiently manage your campaigns and optimize performance.

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