LinkDirector FAQ

What is the Vioby LinkDirector Search Advertising Optimizer?

The LinkDirector dynamically ensures that your paid-search campaign ad clicks land on the most relevant destination pages on your e-commerce site. It uses semantic understanding and machine learning algorithms to process campaign keywords and catalog and product data to determine the deep link of the optimal landing page on your existing website.

What kinds of paid-search advertising is this designed for?

The Vioby Search Advertising Optimizer is designed for paid-search advertising campaigns including Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo.

Why does this service improve campaign performance?

It is well known fact that every additional click that separates your shopper’s landing page and the “Add to Shopping Bag” reduces conversion. By continual analysis of your site and catalog and understanding shoppers’ language, Vioby’s LinkDirector determines the optimal landing page for each keyword in your ad campaigns. By automating the process and constantly optimizing the configured destination, the shopper lands on your site on the most relevant page and with fewer clicks to discover their desired product. In addition, the automation eliminates the constant manual update of campaign destination URL landing pages, reducing campaign management time and effort.

Is this compatible with my analytics/tracking/bid optimization service? I use DoubleClick Search/Kenshoo/Marin/CoreMetrics/Google Analytics.

Yes, it is compatible with your tracking. You use the same tools that now add tracking information to your destination URLs. These tools add that same tracking information on the optimized Vioby destination URLs.

Do I have to modify my website? Will my IT department need to be involved?

No modifications to your website are required and your IT department does not need to be involved. Our tools analyze your website and understand the categories, facets and filters and use your existing mechanisms to determine the deep link to the most relevant landing page.

Do I have to install software?

No. The product is a cloud service. There is no installation of software and no modifications to your website.

Where is the cloud service hosted?

The service is hosted on major cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services, to ensure the highest reliability, connectivity and security.

How will this change the user experience (UX)?

The processing is transparent to the user who does a search and then clicks on your ad. By ensuring that the destination landing page on your website will be more relevant to the user’s actual search query, the shopper sees what they searched for and are several clicks closer to “Add to Shopping Bag”.

How this service is different from Google’s Shopping Ads (aka PLA Product Listing Ads)?

Google shopping ads allow you to promote individual products and compete with other retailers offering those products. The Vioby LinkDirector Search Advertising Optimizer allows you to better optimize your current paid-search campaigns that promote your product categories and groups of products as well as individual products on your site and better utilize your keyword campaigns. Since many users are searching to find what you have in a category, those searches do not result in one individual product and are not as appropriate for Google shopping ads. The Vioby service allow you to display the most relevant product inventory to your customers and let them choose the best of that selection for themselves.

How this service is different from Google’s Dynamic Search Ads?

Google Dynamic Search Ads automatically generate ads based on your website pages that are indexed by Google’s bots for its organic search index. This set, though, misses much of the power of your website to display exactly what a user is looking for. The Vioby service is able to redirect users to pages on your website that are created using your categories, filters, facets and search mechanism, thus providing a much better match to the user’s search query.

Can agencies use the service for their clients?

Yes, many of the campaigns currently using the Vioby Search Advertising Optimizer are managed by agencies. The Vioby account may be managed either by the advertiser or directly by the agency.

How much does it cost?

The cloud service is priced by the number of keywords in your ad campaigns. Please contact us to discuss pricing.

How can I sign up for my company or agency?

Just go to and drop us a note.