LinkDirector Technology

Digital Marketing Automation

Vioby’s advanced technology incorporates state-of-the-art AI algorithms for semantic understanding and machine learning to automate digital marketing, enabling retailers and their agencies to effectively manage and optimize large scale advertising campaigns. Our software runs on industry-leading cloud computing resources for high reliability, security and instant scalability to meet the needs of our clients.


LinkDirector Knowledge Bases

The LinkDirector algorithms for determining the most relevant destination on your website for each keyword are driven by knowledge of your products, the structure of your website and its product categories, your shoppers and the language they use to describe the products they are looking for, and the structure and performance of your advertising campaigns, ad groups and keywords. Our bots continually crawl your website and machine learning algorithms process the content of each page for the retailer site knowledge data. The semantic knowledge base incorporates the natural language understanding of the language your shoppers use to search for products and how your website and brands describe the items you carry. Campaign knowledge and analytics are derived from reports of your ad campaigns. These knowledge bases are created during the initial system configuration and are dynamically updated to reflect changes in your website and current items and changes you make to your campaigns and the campaign analytics.  

Determining the Keyword Destination URLs

For each keyword in your campaigns, our semantic search algorithm analyzes the keyword and, using the knowledge base of your products and website, searches your website for the deep link that is the best match. The resulting destination URL, for example, will often point to a product category page with one or more filters set for color, size, item type, etc. For the keywords whose newly determined destination URL has changed or is different from the current campaign configuration, the revised URL is updated via a daily bulksheet upload through your SEM platform.