If every PPC click landed on your most relevant webpage, would that increase your sales?


Your search ads attract shoppers.
We find your best webpage for the shopper to land. 

Our software for SEM search marketing campaign managers uses knowledge of your website, e-commerce catalog & shoppers to automatically determine the best destination landing pages. 
By getting shoppers to the most relevant page, we help our retailer and agency clients deliver a better shopper experience, increase conversion and reduce their campaign management effort.



Vioby LinkDirector™

Today’s consumers start their shopping with a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo. When shoppers click on your ad, they expect to see exactly what they asked for. By understanding shopper intent, Vioby’s LinkDirector technology improves the shopping experience by automatically determining the webpage on your site that best matches your shopper’s search.

Our LinkDirector cloud service understands the intent of your shopper’s request and dynamically generates a deep-link to the most relevant items in your catalog. We analyze your keywords, campaigns, website and catalog and present the shopper with your most relevant items.

We help get your shoppers to the most relevant page on your site, improving their shopping experience, driving higher conversion and reducing your campaign management effort.

Improve Shopper Experience

Reduce shopper frustration by understanding intent and responding with the most relevant items, categories or content

Drive Conversion, Revenue & Profitability

Increase conversion by presenting the most relevant items — eliminating several clicks between the ad and “Add to Bag”

Simplify Ad Campaign Creation & Management

Automated algorithms determine the optimal destination landing page for every keyword in your campaigns, always consistent with catalog changes and eliminating broken links

Scalable, Secure Cloud Service for Easy Integration

Our software runs on industry-leading cloud computing resources for high reliability, security, and instant scalability

For all your paid search campaigns!

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How It Works

Optimize Where Your Shopper Lands on Your Website — Automatically!

• Our bots continually crawl your site and perform deep analysis of each page and its contents for our knowledge base

• For each keyword in your ad campaigns, we determine the shopper’s intent by semantic interpretation of the keyword and map to your most relevant items, category or content

• A deep link to the landing page on your site corresponding to that analysis is determined

• For those keywords whose optimal Destination URL (Final URL) has changed, the new destination is updated by uploading to your campaign configuration

• The most relevant destination has now been properly configured for use when your ad is displayed to the shopper

Your clicks will be in good company.

We optimize landing pages for thousands and thousands every day!


LinkDirector FAQ

Vioby LinkDirector is a cloud-based search marketing optimization solution for SEM campaign managers that is fully compatible with your existing infrastructure — analytics, ad management tools, search networks and web infrastructure. Simple integration with no IT department involvement required means fast time-to-market.