No Longer “Business as Usual”

As marketers, much of our work can easily be done out of the office. Plus a few Zoom meetings, of course. But unusual times requires us to adapt to unusual circumstances 

You surely have seen out-of-stock items everywhere. The disruptions in the supply chains, combined with the somewhat unusual purchasing by your shoppers, are causing retailers to have more higher out-of-stock rate than normal. Sometimes it is just single products, but sometimes an entire category of subcategory is suddenly empty.

For retailers with now-closed brick-and-mortar stores, your shoppers are now totally online. And the particular mix of items that historically were purchased online has completely changed. The desire to see the color, touch the fabric, and check the fit may still be there, but it is no longer a show stopper — your shoppers are just buying.

The result is that the historical patterns of “out of stock” are changed completely. Your retail buyers are dealing with this as best as they can, but the result is that items are going in and out of stock. Frequently.

The marketing problems that this is causing are simple. The solution, using automated technology, is also simple.

Shoppers hate landing on pages where there are no items. And, even worse, search marketers hate paying for an ad with a landing page that has no items.  Everything that follows is not good — ads that produce no revenue, a bad user experience, increased bounce rate, and lost customers.


The New Task for the Search Marketer

Dealing with this issue requires continuous monitoring of all your landing pages for all your campaigns. If a landing page that is supposed to have product has none, then either change the landing page or pause the ad. Easy enough for a small catalog, but for large catalogs and marketing campaigns, though, this may require reviewing thousands of landing pages.

And with items moving between in-stock and out-of-stock frequently, your campaigns have to be monitored and updated just as frequently. In normal times, this may have been a manual task for many marketers, but no longer.

Automated Monitoring

Time to automate! This is an obvious job for intelligent machines.

If you do not already have this task automated, Vioby can help. Vioby’s Landing Page Insights software continuously monitors all of the your campaigns and, for each landing page you are using, it crawls and performs deep analysis of each page.

You quickly discover any problem with your landing pages. A daily alert shows the pages that are “undesirable” to use as landing pages, and a weekly report contains full analytics.

Vioby Marketing Automation

Vioby works with retailers and agencies to help them deliver great shopping experiences for their customers, driving conversion and revenue while creating loyal customers. Our intelligent tools for e-commerce marketers automate previously manual tasks, leveraging long experience in applying AI to build  enterprise-scale intelligent systems.

Mike Krasner is a co-founder of Vioby, a Boston-area developer of AI-based marketing automation tools for e-commerce retailers and their agencies. 

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