Digital Marketing Automation

Vioby’s advanced technology incorporates state-of-the-art algorithms for semantic understanding, big data predictive analytics and machine learning to automate digital marketing, enabling retailers and their agencies to effectively manage and optimize large scale advertising campaigns. Our software runs on industry-leading cloud computing resources for high reliability and security and instant scalability to meet the needs of our clients.



The configuration process is primarily the creation of the databases that incorporate knowledge of your products, the structure of your website and its product categories, your shoppers and historical data, and the structure and performance of your advertising campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

Our machine learning algorithms process the information for the initial configuration and at regular intervals to update in response to changes in your products and website. An ad campaign bulk update spreadsheet is created that includes the information you need to configure the Google/Bing/Yahoo advertising campaign to use the Vioby service.


Realtime Operation

The realtime processing starts when your ad is served in response to a search and the shopper clicks on your ad. After redirection to your analytics and bid optimization service, if you use one, our cloud service analyzes the search query and other click and browser information, matches to your products and catalog, and determines the final URL on your website of the optimal landing page. The shopper’s browser is then redirected to that page to shop your website. From the click until landing on your website, the processing takes only milliseconds and is not visible to the shopper.