Vioby Voice Shopping Solutions

Is your brand ready?

Virtual assistants are on 100 million smart speakers and 2 billion phones and tablets. The voice user interface has reached critical mass. Voice shopping purchases will reach $40B by 2022, with far more purchases having voice interaction during the shopper journey.

Using our AI-based e-commerce automation technology, coupled with our extensive background in creating and deploying enterprise-scale voice-interactive systems, Vioby is now working with retailers and brands to develop custom voice-interactive shopping assistants integrated with their e-commerce and catalog.

Voice Assistant Are Ready

Virtual assistants are not only on 100 million smart speakers, but also on 2 billion smart phones, tablets and other devices. And people are using them.

Why? Performance. 

Google Assistant now understands and correctly answers over 90% of queries. 

Accurate performance on a wide range of tasks has made use of the voice fast and convenient.

Good, accurate performance enables the delivery of a great user experience. And a great shopping experience drives conversions and revenues.

Improve Shopper Experience

Reduce shopper frustration by understanding intent and responding with the most relevant items, categories and content, as well as interactive guidance.

Drive Conversion, Revenue & Profitability

Increase conversion by presenting the most relevant items — reducing the number of queries to get to “Add to Bag”.

Delight Your Shopper with Personalization

With knowledge of your shopper’s purchase history and account information, the intelligent shopping assistant simplifies many tasks for the shopper, such as reordering, recommendations, order tracking, and customer service.

Scalable, Secure Cloud Service for Easy Integration

Our software runs on industry-leading cloud computing resources for high reliability, security, and instant scalability

Our Technology

Understanding Shopper:

Through our extensive experience developing systems for retailers, we have developed a knowledge base for shopper-specific semantic knowledge.  This knowledge base enables natural language processing to understand the intent of your shopper’s utterances.


Our semantic search algorithms use shopper intent and knowledge of your catalog to automatically find the most relevant items to present and then engages the shopper in a dialog to assist in filtering to exactly what they want to purchase. 

Collaborative Product Discovery:

The intelligent shopping assistant combines the understanding of shopper intent with knowledge of the catalog to collaborate with your shopper to assist in discovering the desired products. The interactive conversation allows the shopper to browse, select and purchase.


Create a Brand-Centric Voice Shopping Experience

Voice shopping is the future and retailers need  to create a brand-centric voice shopping experience, not a cookie-cutter approach with an off-the-shelf system.

Introducing a new modality into the shopping journey is a challenge.  Brands need customized solutions that support their brand and seamlessly integrate into their omni-channel shopping experience.

Successfully navigating this paradigm shift requires careful design and execution. And a partner with experience.

Vioby works with major retailers to improve the shopping experience  and drive conversion and revenues. Our extensive background with designing, developing and deploying enterprise-scale voice-interactive systems is helping our clients create their own great voice shopping.

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